12 Days of Anime Day 3: What I regret covering in 2016

Alright, we’re slowly getting more on topic with these posts. For this post, I want to go through the shows in 2016 that I felt were a mistake for me to choose as regular posts for this blog for one reason or another. These are in no particular order.

Cheating Craft

This one feels pretty obvious for the current running season. I think this series boils down to buying into a premise that seemed interesting without really thinking things through. It’s obviously a comedy series that tries to do absurd things and it really doesn’t fit me. Plus, it was a short, which probably should have been a clear indication.


Another show for the current season and one that I will likely drop when the season ends. Trickster had an interesting premise and the first episode ended up drawing me in, but I feel like it just hasn’t been delivering past that. The mystery feels nonexistent and the characters are generally quite bland.

Taboo Tattoo

Well, the Justice puns were fun.

Big Order

Big Order is probably just the biggest mistake I made this year. I, probably like many others, bought into a darker show with a supernatural element and I don’t think you could describe this series as anything other than a hot mess. Also, "negai".


Look, I know there was a lot of “deep stuff” going on in this series. I’ve seen the posts...you’ve made your point. I’m just not the guy to pick up on these things, so I really shouldn’t have been watching.

Honorable Mention

  • Kabaneri
  • Shuumatsu no Izetta
  • Konosuba - Wait wait give me a second to explain before you pull out the pitchforks! I’m not saying the show was bad. I just feel like it wasn’t suited for my commenting.

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