Cheating Craft Episode 11: Vocal lessons

I was considering just quitting with this week's episode since I'm doing 12 Days of Anime, but I'm too close to the end.

I'd complain about this, but this teacher is honestly the most fleshed-out character in this series.

If this exam is just a mind game, then I'm fine with that. Let's see where this goes.

Why did I expect anything different?

What is happening? Also, these people all fail, right? So they're just gone from the series?

For some reason, this only works on the C-Types?

He's not wrong, but if that's really the case, then nothing that Mumei says should be audible to the examiner. Also, sound projects in a sphere, so he'd have to fully wall the space in front of himself.

Just listen to yourself, man. L-Types are all legitimate students, so you're actually going to sabotage someone who took the test fairly.

We're just hearing about this now...

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