12 Days of Anime Day 2: Blogging in 2016

2016 has been a huge shift for me as a blogger because I finally went live with the blogging platform that I developed. As a blogger, I’ve never really been lit savvy (in case you haven’t noticed), so I devoted much of my time towards understanding the technical aspects of owning a website and eventually building my own.

Now, this post isn’t meant to go into all of the gory details behind this site (that’s maybe a post for another time), but rather an update to how my blog posting process has changed since creating it. I know many people are used to Wordpress, so I thought it might be interesting to show how I do things differently. Plus, it acts as a bit of an update to another post I wrote a while back about my blogging process.

This is probably stupid, but with the new blog, I write up all of my posts in text documents. Part of the reason for this is that I’m too lazy to create support for saving drafts. In Wordpress, you get this fancy editor that lets you mess with fonts and insert images and whatnot to your heart’s content (this is called a WYSIWYG editor).

But in my editor, I just get a box. I could add an editor like that, but uhh...I didn’t. A brief glimpse into my development process.

And speaking of the text documents, the formatting I use when I write these posts is called Markdown. It’s a style of formatting text that can be easily translated into HTML, saving me a bit of extra effort. Honestly, this isn’t too much of a change because I typically don’t do much fancy formatting with my posts, but it makes things interesting when I try to shake things up.

But hey, I get to mess with fancy text editors like this:

Some of you may be wondering by now “what’s going on with that REPLACE stuff?”, which brings us to the topic of images (they get their own section). Now, because I’m not a good programmer, I couldn’t recreate Wordpress’s fancy image insertion thing, so I tried to think of a method that would allow me to upload every image in one go and automatically generate the HTML for that image to insert it into the post.

So my solution was to give every image a unique name and stick it in between some phrase that I would never normally put in a blog post. And my brain’s answer was “oh, I’d never use curly braces” (you’ll notice I’m making an effort not to put the phrase in the text of this post). Then there’s a process that automatically searches for this phrase and replace it (see why it says “REPLACE”?) with the proper image tag. In case you’re wondering, the final image markup looks something like this:
<p><a href="https://d34zzkuru6phz2.cloudfront.net/media/full/2016/12/12/new-blog-03.PNG"><img src="https://d34zzkuru6phz2.cloudfront.net/media/sized/full/2016/12/12/new-blog-03-thumbnail-750x540.PNG" height="443" width="750" class="img-responsive"></a></p>

Imagine trying to type that 12+ times per blog post.

Tags and categories end up being largely the same, but I want to make one final note. Please direct your attention to the “publish date” section of the blog post. I schedule every blog post in advance and I always publish at the same time every day (4pm Central Time). In my new blog, this gets automatically input as the publish date for every new post I make. It’s easily the greatest idea I’ve ever had and saves me so much brainpower every day.

Anyway, that’s another brief glimpse into my blogging process. Hope you guys enjoy this and please let me know if you have any questions about my (totally awesome) blog.

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