Trickster Episode 11: Graduates of the Stormtrooper Academy of Sharpshooting

This episode really just continues to make me question what the heck Twenty Faces is doing. Maybe there's something going on throughout the episode about not taking other people's love for granted or whatever, but it's vastly overshadowed by the sheer amount of effort that went into making everything go right.

Okay then.

I've never been skydiving before, but I'm pretty sure only Hanasaki is speaking with the correct volume.

I also don't know much about parachutes, but 1) where did the come out from and 2) how did it deploy correctly with Hanasaki hanging on to it from behind?

Aww...Hanasaki's father loves him.

Sigh...reasons why I dislike Inoue as a character.

Remember when Hanasaki's father said that his robots were safe because they were "just better"? Did we really expect any other outcome?

I restrain myself from commenting on the fact that Akechi is soloing these security robots like he's the main character in an action game.

You're kidding me, right? He's moving in a straight line!

Akechi says this, but Hanasaki actually did get captured pretty easily initially, so it's kind of a stupid remark.


I don't particularly hate this level of psychological attack, but it honestly makes me more and more upset with Hanasaki.

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