12 Days of Anime: Introduction

Alright, tossing this post together (picture is totally random too). This isn't something I normally do, but I'm going to be participating in the 12 Days of Anime event this year. I'm not confident I'll make it through all 12 posts, but I have a few ideas. Plus, I want to start writing more posts that aren't episode reviews and this is theoretically good practice.

Most of my posts are going to stick to the general theme, which is going over 2016 in anime, but I can make no guarantees because I haven't thought of them all yet. Anyway, there are two events going on, so I'm going to put information for both in this post because...well, why not? If you want to participate, you can take your pick or just sign up for both like me.

Option 1:
Registration Form
Survival Pack
12 Days Of Anime Links

Option 2:
Information here

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