Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 11: Bait is everywhere

Well, we're almost done. Honestly, this week's episode felt like quite a lot of dead air, with too many moments that I could just skip.

For the ending, I want to think we're moving towards an ending where Izetta defeats Sophie, but uses the magic stone so much that she dies soon after the end in some kind of epilogue. She can have some tender moments with Fine in that time if it makes people happy. But I really can't help feeling like they're going to pull something more ridiculous where Izetta gets to be a normal girl.

Heck...while we're on the subject of the ending, I'm still wondering about Not Hitler.

I mean...I would have understood if the staff was stolen while she was asleep or something, but they just took it from her hand?

Fine's looking pretty chill for someone who just got surprise attacked by the Germanians. Berckmann going to be a good guy? YES! Betray him and make him join the other team! Do it now!

Does this ever work?

Honestly, they didn't have to show this scene. Just seeing Izetta with the stone is enough and it's already been established that she'll sacrifice herself for Fine.

Join us, Berckmann...

I agree with Sieg's reaction to this line. They're really not too much alike. Though to be completely honest, I never understood strong nationalism anyway.

Remember when Fine was the strong point of this series? Also, another scene that doesn't really feel necessary.

Wasting magic for yuribait...

Stop! Don't do this! You're making it harder to kill Izetta! She's headed for a kamikaze mission and you're giving her these moments!


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