Occultic;Nine Episode 10: So much tilt

Lot of questions this week. For me, I think the most important one is why Yuuta is such an important main character when he really hasn't demonstrated anything to that nature. But yeah...hard to judge until these questions get answered. Also, try not to get motion sickness watching the episode.

Wait...is that an exorcist? Was she one of the people affected by the scandium?

Why would you cliffhanger this?

Agh! The tilt!

Oh I see...this is Ryouka's true identity, isn't it?


Also, if Ryouka is possessed by Aveline...how exactly does that happen? Is it even possible for a magnetic field to control our thoughts? I would think not.

I've been wondering for a while why this guy is our main character.

Thanks...the labeling of each part is very helpful.

For some reason, this pisses me off...especially when combined with the fact that he figures out the code in the following scene.

Not sure what this one is supposed to mean...is this guy getting possessed by the dead brother? Or does he have some different link with the dead brother?

So they all went to the hospital and got testing for how receptive they were to scandium? I guess that makes sense.

What could it mean? She was the culprit all along?

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