Drifters Episode 10: Fetish warriors

I guess this week's episode in a nutshell was introducing the dwarves further and adding Saint-Germi to the list of allies. That being said, I feel like I was overly aware of the episode beating a lot of jokes into the ground. I was reacting a lot like "yeah, I get it already. You don't need to remind me."

Well, that dragon went from ancient powerhouse to blithering servant pretty quickly. I have no idea which Jesus power this is, though.

Oh...they're just going to explain it. So, it's a forced interpretation of some other power. Wow he's literally cancer.

Also, if he only replicates life from life that is readily available, does that mean that you can cut off some guy's limbs, throw them away, and that guy can't be healed? Because if so, that's kind of a meta joke in my eyes.

Let's be honest...can you even tell the difference between the elven boys and the elven girls?

The "Cherry Boy" label earlier in this episode was fine. This line, however, is taking the joke too far.

The dwarves are back!

I don't quite understand...is he afraid that the dwarves won't help him if he tells them why guns are important?

So...the Black King is falling apart? A weakness?

Seriously, Nobunaga? The only mention of time in this episode has been "a day", so what frequency did you expect for this musket production? Heck...seven a week should still have been pretty impressive given your standards.

Why is this a big deal? Hitler was a Drifter, right? So it would make sense that Saint-Germi was also a Drifter, wouldn't it?

Life is hard for Toyohisa?

No!! Their only weaknesses!

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