Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 35: The robots are taking over!

Honestly, I don't mind a simple "take down the sentient AI" storyline in a Gundam series if that's what we're getting. Still, thinking more on it, it probably doesn't make much sense for this Mobile Armor incident to be more than an interruption. It does make all of the diplomatic maneuvering we've been getting before this point a bit questionable. And it's not like there would be too many other Mobile Armors to mobilize...right?

There's some kind of conversation going on, but I'm wondering if this actually happens when you stick a lit cigar into alcohol. I guess I could test it...

I didn't even pay any attention to the colors before they were pointed out. Hmm...I wonder who will get this Gundam.

Somehow, I figured this would happen.

I was honestly expecting McGillis to remain mysterious about this, but he just tells Orga. Phew...

So basically, McGillis's plan is to destroy a disabled Mobile Armor from 300 years ago to obtain a title and gain power? How exactly does this work?

Sigh...why ask for information from Gjallarhorn if you're not going to listen to the response before doing your random tests?

So Kudelia is their accountant?

I guess this is the setup for the main conflict of this season? It's about time they told us what's going on.

Maybe the "no Mobile Suits" thing wasn't a great idea?

For some reason, I didn't consider the possibility that the title was a misdirection, but thinking back on it, it makes a lot of sense. I mean...why would an old title be so desirable?

Huh...that sound effect is interesting. Just what kind of robot is this?

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