Trickster Episode 10: Turning and stuff

Well, this episode squashes any hope I had that Twenty Faces might be an interesting character. Not only do we get no further explanation for what happened between him and Akechi, but his ideals just feel cheap to me. I wonder if they might resonate with someone who likes utilitarianism, but they certainly do nothing for me. I guess disappointment is the name of the game for this series...

Yeah, Twenty Faces. You're really convincing with your...whatever that chloroform spray you're using is.

Fun fact: carbon fibers are vulnerable to the slightest impurities, so they typically get used as reinforcement for other materials.

But on to my main point...exactly how helpful is it to make the ribs of the camouflage umbrella stronger? Wouldn't you be better off using a transparent substance so it's...harder to see?

Sorry, Twenty Faces. There have been so many better antiheroes before you. You're not going to convince me so easily that you're somehow better than Akechi in this situation.

Well, this is utilitarianism at its best. It's not like those homeless guys had a right to, you know, their organs or anything.

This guy's response is literally "don't worry about it...our security robots will be better" and that will somehow be good enough.

Based on what we've seen so far, is this really a lie? I mean, I guess the Boy Detective Club isn't a school club, but this sounds like a pretty accurate statement to me. If you're going to go off on your father, at least have a good reason.

What exactly does this scene contribute?


Based on the sound effects, she hits the van and then hits the ground. I'm pretty sure that would still cause a lot of damage and more importantly, her trajectory is completely off for that to be possible.

Am I legitimately supposed to feel bad for Hanasaki here? I mean, sure Akechi is being harsh, but he's not wrong in saying that Hanasaki isn't fit to be a detective. Every scene we've been shown up to this point has made Hanasaki look more like an errand boy than a detective.

This scene physically hurts me. At first, I wanted to believe that Akechi was purposely trying to cut ties with Hanasaki because he somehow knew Twenty Faces was recording him. But the fact that Twenty Faces just managed to get some crazy out-of-context line from Akechi is legitimately stupid and irritating.

  • Karandi

    Dec. 7, 2016, 4:47 p.m.

    Pointless villain, lousy brainwashing, and convenient timing of out of context comments and this series has finally made me give up any hope of an improvement. We can look on the bright side. Hanasaki is likely to be as inept a villain's lackey as he was a detective so not much of a threat really.


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