Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 10: Mass suffering incoming?

This week's episode had a couple of interesting revelations, but felt forced overall. I'm guess it's because there are only a couple of episode left and there are a lot of things to resolve, but many of the events of the episode felt a little too convenient. Anyway, seems like we're barreling towards a more even battle between that probably doesn't end well for both sides.

Also, are they even going to give Not Hitler his moment? Or is he just going to lose the war unceremoniously at the end when Sophie gets beaten? Doesn't feel like there's enough time for it all.

Sophie's powers are the first indication that a witch can actually fabricate something with her powers. Are Izetta's powers just weak or is this some special thing that Sophie can do?

Also, I feel like I've seen something like this before in-

I'm going to ignore the fact that crashing his plane into the soldiers near Izetta would very likely have injured Izetta and just say "well played, random background character".

Why do I get the feeling that this guy's "betrayal" where he wanted spend extra effort to deal with Izetta will come in handy with Sophie?

Yeah, I figured the stone would do something like that. But she only has half of it, right? If it uses life force to activate, perhaps Izetta will counter with the other half?

I dunno...this entire scene didn't feel like it was telling us much. I guess it just serves to disseminate knowledge that we'd already been shown to the main cast.

Okay, this information is actually interesting. It also kinda makes the leyline map a bit useless.

Were we given any indication of Sieg's ancestry before now? I mean, other than the comment he made last week about the legend of the White Witch, there really isn't much, and it feels reasonable for him to know the legend's ending.

Come again?

I think the best part about this scene is the fact that they show us the sweat drops on this character while she acts like she can control Sophie. I like that they have her display her fear of the witch as she's giving orders.

Hmm...using large quantities of a rare element as a weapon, potentially a bomb, in the second World War. Where have I heard this before?

Sieg Reich!

I'm shocked! Shocked, I say! Shocked!

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