Cheating Craft Episode 9: Pulling the strings?

I don't even understand why they have the "don't cheat" disclaimer at the start of every episode anymore... post titles are really going downhill.

I still haven't figured out exactly how Mumei "lost" against Shuu. Did he get caught? Did Shuu intentionally get him kicked out of the test? Did Shuu make him not finish the test?

Is it normal to display the subject on a test like this?

I've been wondering for a while. Why does this guy exist?

I find it hard to believe he didn't figure this out in the first fight. And this seemed obvious enough that it's hard to say this is for the audience.

Is he still burning paper in this technique?

You graded a free response, handwritten test with an autograder? Did the person who made this series ever take an electronic test?

And she wants to know this because...what?

Might not want to be yelling out the deepest secret of the Shokatsu Technique...

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