Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 21: Full on Cthulu

This episode's a tough one. I think the main battle of the episode was pretty cool, but there were some elements in the episode that I would consider a regression for the show. To give a quick example, I wasn't a fan of having Dazai off on the side explaining stuff again. I also would have liked to know what was so special about Lovecraft...

Small thing that I thought was "off" about this episode. It seemed to push some forced bombastic moments where a character would make some declaration that would immediately get destroyed, like the declaration that the Port Mafia and Agency alliance wouldn't work or Dazai's declaration that he could disable any power when facing Lovecraft. The second one is particularly frustrating because Dazai doesn't typically brag about his power.

Hmm...I feel like I haven't seen this style of scene for a while...

Uh huh...yup, definitely happened exactly as you said (is the crazy person gone yet?).

Ehh...I mean I would have given this to him if he had said "I agree we have no better option", but this is not the best reason to be making this decision.

This entire scene screams "the Port Mafia and the Armed Detective Agency shouldn't work together". I don't see why they would do this if they're going to make the two team up because I feel like it's going to make the reasoning for the alliance seem very forced.

What is this sentence?

First off, let me get out of the way that I think that this pairing of characters from Agency and Port Mafia is really cool. It's already been established that the two have a history and they make sense to throw together (even though Akutagawa is probably tempting as well).

But this line from Dazai really bothers me. It's an obvious tie-in with the first scene of the episode where Dazai is acting unmotivated, and it suggests that he suspected this would be the ultimate result of the negotiations with the Port Mafia. Could this revelation have been more than just a random side comment?


Well, this is exactly what I'd expect from Lovecraft.

Sigh...more and more reasons why I wish I had a physics degree.

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