Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 9: Mwahaha magic

Well, the first half of the episode was a bit slow, but it ramped up pretty hard. Overall, the introduction of a new witch makes sense given the "hint" scenes we've been getting so far...and overall a more interesting episode because less time is spent on fluff. Curious to see where things go from here.

The introduction of the second witch wasn't really where I was expecting things to go because I liked seeing Germania maneuver around Izetta, but it has the potential of opening that option up to Elystadt.

The only real complaints I have for the episode are 1) cloning appearing about 50 years too early, which kinda ruins immersion especially after showing the comic book that seemed to fit the time, and 2) suggesting that a clone could have memories from the parent. The second one can be easily explained away with "mwahahaha magic", though.

Uhh...I don't really know much about trains, but does this actually work? If a train hadn't hit the brakes, would this truck have even done any significant damage to it?

Captain America came out at around World War II time, right? I was wondering whether this comic is supposed to reference that.

Eh...I thought I debunked the idea that Izetta's blood got the Germanian spies into the secret chamber last week because the blood caused a unique reaction that Izetta hadn't seen. Unless you want me to believe that the gem thing only reacted to witch blood.

I still don't understand why they're just building better lances for Izetta to use instead guns or something.

I like how they spent so much time talking about how ridiculous it would be for the Germanians to attack from the west again, and didn't even consider the possibility that they never intended to attack there. I guess the "new tanks" thing was too distracting.


Aww...cloning? Really?

This actually might be good for one of my earlier points. If they have a clone of the White Witch, it could really have been her blood that they used to get into the secret chamber, which would be the kind of next-level strategy that you'd expect from Berkmann. Maybe the thing at the birthday party was for something else. Given that they mention "wanting to find a descendant", perhaps they need Izetta's blood to activate Sophie's powers.

Well I feel dumb for spending so much effort speculating when they just confirm it all immediately after that scene.

This is irony, right? Because I'm pretty sure Berkmann and Not-Hitler were just talking about how they have a firm way to control Sophie. She is right, though...Izetta probably should question her orders a bit more.

So does the gem thing have witch-cancelling properties or something? Perhaps it was originally used to kill the White Witch? But then why would it respond to the White Witch's blood?

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