Occultic;Nine Episode 8: Lots of questions

Apologies in advance...I went a little rogue with speculations this week. Well, my posts on this show are getting wordy, so that must mean it's getting more interesting, right? I think the main part of the episode I glossed over was the conversation between Asuna and Yuuta. At the very least, I'm curious enough to want to find out what's going on.

So I guess this is going back in time a little bit to show Yuuta getting to his body. Having him invisible in this scene is a nice touch.

I haven't decided whether I want to do a full post on why I don't like the idea of separating mind and brain into two separate entities (called a soul in this anime) because it's a lot of work, but this show is really testing me. Basically, it would only work if you considered brain damage a means of "ejecting" the soul from the brain...and like replacing it with a new one or something. It's a mess.

So are both of these characters dead as well? Also, what is this show's obsession with the Vanguard cards?

Is that the common factor for the 256 deaths? That they were all related to someone associated with the Society of Eight Gods of Fortune?

It's going to have to be very anonymous...even saying "female high school FBI agent" would probably be enough to identify her, after all. Anyway, I guess Asuna's officially part of the team now?

So this guy's the one who nominated the reporter girl...

Speaking of which, if everyone who is currently dead is linked with that organization, does that mean the detective kid was part of the organization? I just remembered that he had a suspicious call while from an unnamed source while investigating Hashigami's death.

I think the technical term is "mumbo jumbo". Anyway, this scene suggests that this mystery organization wasn't responsible for Hashigami's death, so who could it be? The alternative explanation is that the conversation is a sham and the leader of the cult had Hashigami killed to make sure he couldn't publish his paper and expose them or something.

These guys went from "we want eternal life" to "time to take over the world" pretty quickly...

I'm...not even sure what this means. How do you respond highly to electrical resistance? I knew I should have paid more attention in physics class. Also, time to buy some scandium, am I right?

Hmm...mysterious voice is the leader of the cult? My first instinct is it's the same person that's behind Zonko, but I guess it could really be anyone at this point.

Now that you mention it, Yuuta, why can she see you? Of course, it's not answered...

Oh hey...Miyu is going to do something? I mean, there's no way it's the real Chizu, right? Most likely conclusion is that the white-haired kid has her cell phone.

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