Drifters Episode 8: Dead languages

Man, these episodes are so long. Lot of good moments in this episode. I like how Nobunaga establishes his intelligence. Humor was also pretty solid...I had to stop myself from jabbing at Latin a bit. Other than that, just a lot of planning. Next week, to battle?

Oh, I guess he is Abe no Seimei after all. I didn't want to make that assumption last week. So that makes him a Drifter too?

Literally everyone gets sent into the same door. Anyone else really curious about the other doors? I mean, they have to be completely separate worlds too, right? I want to see them!

This will probably be an issue, huh?

Oh...I hadn't even noticed that Scipio wasn't on the wagon. Aww...but that means he won't be able to see the salt.

YES! Bring out the pilot!

Oh god...these jokes are great. Is this what the rest of the show has been like for history buffs?

Darn it, Nobunaga! I was going to say that!

Wait...Saint-Germi sneezes when Abe no Seimei mentions a need for a chemist? Does that mean he's going to aid the Drifters in the future?

I like that Nobunaga's "dangerous features" so far has pretty much just been "he knows stuff". This war must be great for Nobunaga. Typically, you have to worry about the enemy stealing your technology, but Abe no Seimei makes it sound like no one in this world could reproduce firearms if they tried. And I doubt the Ends are too worried about guns with their magic powers.

So...Hannibal is mad, but skilled? Fair enough.

  • Marcous

    Nov. 28, 2016, 4:17 p.m.

    Im rather new to this site but so far (i read your posts about drifters and shuumatsu no izetta) I really couldn't stop laughing. It seemed you had some trouble with the story in the beginning though i got along just fine. (that part with hannibal and scipio was just the most hilarious thing ever) now what i am trying to say in my badly structured sad english: nice work you have a really fun blog and expect to see me more often in the future on here ^^



    Nov. 28, 2016, 4:29 p.m.

    hey that's awesome! glad you enjoyed it. yeah, i definitely had it rough at the start, but i think the introduction of more western historical figures and references to stuff i actually learned in school have made things a lot more fun as the series goes on.


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