Cheating Craft Episode 8: Some kinda joke about naked, sweaty bodies

I don't think I really expected anything different of this episode. Is there really much else to say?

I really need to find something more productive to do for Fridays...manga posts?

I'm wondering if this tower is supposed to be a play on scenarios like the "tower of boss battles" from Katanagatari.

Given that both Mumei and this masked guy are shaking in the same way, I'll be really shocked if he's not Mumei's father.

Okay, I wasn't going to point out Kou's apparent lack of fear while being kidnapped last week, but this scene makes it pretty clear she's in on this gag. I even have to talk about the dummy in place of Mumei's father?


Air is typically thinner at higher altitudes because- oh why do I even bother?

We did it!

Wasn't this guy supposed to be in prison?

Remember the big deal Mumei made about getting the same pen as Haku? Well, guess that wasn't too important.

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