Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 33: Conquest

Well, time to take over Mars, guys. Not really too much else to get from this episode. Next week's episode title involves Vidar, so I guess it's finally time for Mr. Mask to do something rather than pretending to be mysterious.

Yeah, there's some Gjallarhorn discussion going on here...probably something about people secretly wanting to kill McGillis, but am I the only one that finds the music distracting in this scene?

Darn it, Akihiro. You just had to let him blow himself up.

Almost makes you wonder how this guy's plan failed.

Making decisions is hard...

The description sounds like Ein, in which case this line of "being close" doesn't make much sense unless Ein's behind the mask, which is very unlikely. Translation problems?

Uhh...McGillis? You're getting a little creepy there...

And how the heck does Gjallarhorn still have that much control?

Extreme training!

I can't tell if this is a setup for a "just in time" comeback later, but this on its face, this seems pretty smart from Takaki to be completely honest.

I feel like Mikazuki's line is better if Akihiro doesn't explain it here. I mean, Mikazuki even says what he means with the "don't worry about us" at the end, so I don't understand why it needs to be re-said.

Well, it's about time, Lafter.

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