Trickster Episode 8: Brotherly love

Well, this episode was pretty slow...overall seemed to drag on and the animation was noticeably poor. I'm not super interested in Hanasaki's past, to be honest. I'm more wondering about Haru's country. What exactly is he trying to accomplish? I don't understand why he doesn't just build a civilization outside of the urban environment.

Yeah, Hanasaki. Learn to separate work from personal!

I're fine, aren't you? I guess the owl's screwed...

Given Kobayashi's lack of control over his ability, isn't sitting close to the wire a bad idea? that the other detective? Did she really have a date with someone other than Akechi? That's a surprise.

I'm sure these flashbacks will come together by the end of the episode, but I dunno...I'm just not interested in them so far.

That was fast.

Uhh...sure. Seems normal.

Holy little do the animators care about this show they couldn't even animate Akechi opening the door to this police car?

I'm curious what you would do if the government decided to just bomb the crap out of you.

Join us...and together we shall rule- oh, that's not what's happening here?

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