Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 8: Spy games

Look, I can sorta see what the show was trying to do by weaving a fairy tale into the story of Riceit, the Germanian underling. But the episode as a whole doesn't really work when you use a random side character whose only role up to this point was standing next to Berkmann.

I'm not even fully satisfied with how Berkmann gets his answer about Izetta's weakness. It felt like an annoying amount of bullshit had to happen to get it to him when he's already shown how smart he is.

This is kind of a weird time to be telling us the White Witch legend.

Uhh...that's not how you use "in theory". It's definitely his birthday, but the secret meeting is probably the true intention. You mean to say that the birthday party is a pretense.

Seriously, what is the deal with this guy?

Sieg cares! I guess? In my mind, Jonas already died in vain.

Well, they're dragging out the legend of the White Witch over the episode, so I shouldn't be surprised that they use this trick to keep the alternative ending from us. Especially since the alternate ending is likely the truth...

Is this romance really happening? Do we have time for this?

Ohh...she must be who we saw at the end of last week's episode.

The weird no-sound camera focus on these guys around the table as Fine rejoices makes me think they're going to betray her.

Wait wait that Izetta's blood? From the ball? Did Berkmann give that to him?

Okay, this scene makes me think that this is the White Witch's blood...somehow.

I'm more interested in seeing where Riceit's bullet goes in this scene. There were a lot of elements in that scene that make no sense. One bullet casing is shown, but we hear two gunshots and we see Riceit's smoking gun. I was honestly expecting some dramatic reveal that Riceit shot the wall behind Bianca or something, but we get nothing (it would have been cheesy, but it would have made sense).

Yeah, I figured as much.

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