Occultic;Nine Episode 7: So much death

Eh...this episode still doesn't fully make sense, but it's getting more interesting. Depending on how they explain the soul, the show could be headed somewhere. If it ends up being a magnetic field as stated in the episode, then the soul only lasts as long as the field remains organized, meaning that it's not immortal as I think most people would believe. I'm somewhat fine with that, but I think it runs into a lot of other problems that I will leave to the physics experts (I know you're out there).

Yup, FBI...that's the first thing I thought when I saw her.

This scene was really cool. When Yuuta was asking around for the owner of the dropped ID, it got me thinking "yeah, maybe they can't see him or maybe they're just acting like normal people on the street". I liked the way the scene tried to be suggestive.

However, we already saw last week that Moritaka was unable to get the attention of the other police officers, so maybe this scene is actually suggesting that this girl was also on the list? I can't think of many other ways this would make sense.

Sarai's mother doesn't seem to perceive him, but he's somehow able to call the news station and confirm the names on the broadcast? If I were him, I'd be much more interested in why that happened.

I feel like they brushed off the most important part. Interacting with random passerby can be easily explained with "well, those people were dead too" (though, 256 is a very small number in comparison to the population of Tokyo, so the probability of running into even one of those people should be astronomically low).

But why was Sarai able to phone the news station? How could the guy on the other end of the line be dead as well if he's capable of interacting enough to know the list is real? They later explain that the "astral form" they're taking may have something to do with magnetic fields, which might indicate that they can still send electrical signals through a phone or something, but these are the questions that I would ask.

Sigh...I have to bring back my post about souls, don't I? If the heart doesn't power our soul, what does? In this conversation, I think Yuuta actually asks the correct questions with his blanket skepticism.


Further reminder that this is not Steins;Gate. Was this really necessary?

She can see him now? I guess that makes sense. What I'm more curious about is why Kiryuu seems to be able to talk with the living, but the 256 dead people can't.

He's going to look for his own body? That's pretty creepy.

Hard to tell what this is supposed to signify. Did Yuuta have a different experience on the night of the mass suicide? Is that why Asuna couldn't see his memories? Or was it just because his "soul" happened to be standing nearby?

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