Drifters Episode 7: Lancer vs. Archer

Love me some battle episodes. The Drifters vs. the Ends was pretty much as entertaining as I hoped it would be. Not too much more to say about this episode. Maybe next week we'll get some more explanation about the world from the Grand Master.

Something I hadn't really considered before this episode is that the small differences between the Drifters and Ends could set up some cool betrayals on either side. I really hope something like that happens.

Oh snap...do we actually get to see Yoichi in a real battle?


I guess the Octobrists exist so that it's not completely unfair for the Drifters to be fighting against the Ends with their crazy powers. That makes sense...it would probably be absurd otherwise for the Drifters to stand a chance.

Toyohisa's intuition is interesting, but this speech goes on for way too long.

They're really pushing the fact that this guy's related to Yoichi, are they?

That aside, Yoichi's fight wasn't as great as I'd hoped. His fighting style using the bow is pretty cool, but I wanted to see more than the series of dramatic close-ups.

Hopefully this isn't exposition later, but it would certainly tie into Toyohisa's intuition about Joan's fighting experience if he purposely to used the wall to disorient her.

Anyone else feel like this is forced? I get that it makes sense for Toyohisa, but this seems like a bigger deal than I'd expect. It also doesn't seem to fit with Toyohisa's previous statements, which have seemed to be more progressive and "fair".

That's more like it.

Excellent timing, group 2. I'm happy they get to meet up.

Yeesh even in this world, being Lancer is suffering. I was gonna be real surprised if he survived the gatling gun.

Scipio should be happy to see all this salt, right?

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