Cheating Craft Episode 7: And training

What is even going on with this show? Did we just randomly enter a training arc? Anyway, I would feel more invested in seeing Mumei learn the hidden move or whatever, but I've still seen no explanation for why his techniques are even important. So far, it seems like he just magics his way into being the important character.

Is this supposed to be clever? Why doesn't the brain in the vat just check everyone for cheating tools instead of only triggering on an elevated heart rate?

I...don't even. exactly was Mumei defeated? I get that last episode was symbolic and all, but what does it even mean to be defeated by another cheater in this series? Did he get outed as a C-Type? Fail an exam? Anything?

So can the L-Types actually do anything? Because I've been waiting for that since episode 1.

Oh right...Mumei was fighting for his father. That was supposed to be important or something?

Random old guy on Prison Island just randomly knows the history of the Shoukatsu Technique?

I get the feeling it's important that they're not showing this guy's face and they made a point to show that the masked dude's hair was also orange.

Literally going down the list here...have we even seen half these techniques?

Haha come on, Kou. There's a vitamin K...

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