Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 19: Back to basics?

Aww man...I thought we were done with this stuff. We just had to bring Atsushi back into the equation. I agree with Dazai...Atsushi really needs to quit with the self-pity. It's the most frustrating part of this show.

This is Steinbeck, right? That's a little on the nose with the Grapes of Wrath reference, isn't it? I guess I can't really think of a great Of Mice and Men power.

Come on...I can't be the only person who thought "Whomping Willow", right? The car's even the same color!

He's almost as siscon as the character that's about to show up to save his sister...

I was gonna say "if Lovecraft doesn't use tentacles, then I don't know what to feel", but I guess that was unnecessary.

See what I mean?

If Dazai thinks that the Port Mafia will make a move on the train, why are they just waiting to rendezvous with the train? It's like he knows that the girls will be manipulated in a way such that they'll still be allowed to reach the station, which is a bit annoying.

Haha not bad.

Yeah...Atsushi will be fine dealing with this Q. No need to rush back with my all-powerful nullifying ability.

Well, if Atsushi is finally talking back, does that mean we're finally done with this scene?

Ugh...I have to give a pass to this because it's a legitimate illusion that Atsushi's seeing, right? Do I really have to?

Is Dazai calling in Ango as a secret weapon? That would give the first arc of the season so much relevance...

Is it happening?

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