Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 7: Why is this so hard?

This episode was strange. It definitely had its dead spots, but there were some cool parts. I'm glad the magic's weakness finally came makes Jonas's character effectively pointless, but Berckmann's plan is everything I wanted out of his character. Also, the dogfights and the carrier tactics were entertaining.

There aren't enough top hats or monocles in this scene for me to pay attention.

Britannia is in the power zone because the plot demands it! Also, random floating glass tricks! I'm glad they didn't waste too much time on "there must be wires" talk.

Hmm...pitting Izetta against a potentially moving carrier could be interesting if the ley lines come into play. Also, if it's a carrier, the pilot guy might be on it.

Well, given that an area either has energy or doesn't have energy, the areas with energy have to be right next to the areas without energy. What are you trying to say here? happening here? Fine and Izetta are doing something together on the bed...I'll leave it at that.

This guy pretends like his hand is rough and then goes all in? Seriously, who bluffs like that?

This explanation's pretty interesting...I'm too lazy to check the math, though.

Aaaaand instant failure. Good planning, guys. Please don't tell me Izetta pulls some ridiculous stunt to make the remaining three torpedoes work.

Oh, the gaps are that small? Guess that means she's busted. It's surprising that this never happened before now.

I don't understand why Izetta wouldn't just keep the torpedoes underwater. You they were designed to be used.

Gasp! Another witch?

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