Occultic;Nine Episode 6: It's here!

I think my reaction to most of this episode was "uh huh...yup", but that ending makes things interesting. I guess it's the start of the real stuff? Curious to see where this goes. So now the question becomes...how will they fix it?

Also, I've been seeing online theories speculating about certain characters being dead, like the reporter girl, but now it's looking like it's going to be everyone in the main cast. Holy crap...it feels like you have to pay so much attention to follow this show.

What the heck? Do I actually need to be paying attention here?

I mean...we can see the glasses. Is there anyone else this could be?

Did these guys just casually become the Occult Club from Rewrite?

I feel like the way they treat Sarai as a character is going to be the deciding factor for me. This just irks me to watch.

Oh ho...the bartender is so mysterious!

So...are they casually suggesting that he killed Chizu and stuffed her in the box? There's no way she fits in the box, right? Why does the box move?

Also, obligatory "WHAT'S IN THE BOOOOOX??" is very relevant here.

Cult for immortality? This is so random.

The camera spinning probably means something that I'm missing. Maybe it's...*throws up*

He knows! For...some reason.

Oh, I guess they were responsible for the mass suicide. Okay.

Okay, I don't care how sad you are or whatever...you could at least tell the kid what's going on.

Wait...what? Are all of the main characters dead? Please tell me that's the case. That would be awesome.

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