Drifters Episode 6: Literally Hitler

This episode felt pretty good for Nobunaga. I'm not sure I really like his excessive inner monologue yet, but he had some good moments this week. Other than that, this episode wasn't really much...decent amount of exposition and buildup for a Drifters vs. Ends battle. I'm looking forward to that, though. Oh, and we finally get the OP back in this episode, so it started strong.

For some reason, I interpreted this small bit of dialogue as "don't feed the troll".

Hitler did pretty well after he died. Well, he wasn't really betrayed by humanity, right? So...he was a Drifter?

I think this scene where Nobunaga berates Toyohisa for being naive is cool...I like characters that read the situation well. I also like that Nobunaga gives the kill order in Toyohisa's place because it's an action that fits him better than it fits Toyohisa.

Huh...that was fast.

Uhh...that's totally Lorem Ipsum. I guess that's better than most of the "fake newspaper articles" you see in movies.

Aww man...this guy's gonna be important, isn't he?

Please tell me the fighter pilot Drifter gets one of these bomber birds.

"You should have taken over" face?

I'm wondering the same thing, man...

We're bringing in dwarves too? This series really is a "trapped in a fantasy world" show in disguise.

Finally time for the Drifters to fight the Ends? Whatever happened to the other group of Drifters that escaped the fortress a few episodes ago?

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