Cheating Craft Episode 6: Insert random reference here

Was a show based on a Chinese manhua making references to Japanese shows? That...feels like it shouldn't work. Well, nothing really happening in this episode. I probably got like...2 of those references. I suspect many of them were generic references (as opposed to specific shows), so I had no chance. But what exactly was this doing? Setting up Mumei with that other guy?

Uhh...what is going on? I like the idea of giving Mumei a rival, but this is clearly the guy we saw last week who randomly killed the sharks.

Sure sure. This entire episode feels like they were too lazy to put in some of the audio. I supposed to be getting the impression that Kou is telling a story? She seems to be some kind of narrator.

Sadao Maou? Is that you?

Wait wait...I can do this! This reference is-

Well, this one's obvious. Prince of Tennis!

I'm not great with BL, so I got nothing for this one.

Aaaaaand scene.

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