Trickster Episode 6: Birthday stuff

Not too interesting of an episode this week. I guess they tried to develop Hanasaki's relationship with Kobayashi with the birthday thing, but it doesn't make for an fun journey. There were also some hints at Hanasaki's nature under the surface, but I don't even know if that helps.

This reminds me of Claire's home videos from Heroes. Ahh crap...the references have started alrea- *brutally murdered*

Wait...I asked who this girl was last week, didn't I? Crap, that means she's important.

This is building to a very annoying "love hurts" message and I'm not a fan.

This seems like important information that we should have been told sooner.

Let's be honest...has Hanasaki ever been a detective?

Sigh...random errands.

I'd be really surprised if she still hadn't noticed these two "tailing" her?

I really don't understand.

Very dramatic, but normally the shield would destroy the toy here. And before you say "Marth, he's helping the kid, so the shield doesn't work", I will point you to the fact that he's about to fall into a vat of molten...something.

Okay, these references are definitely being done on purpose. No translation ambiguity for this one because it's said in Engrish.

That's a little creepy, dude.

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