Occultic;Nine Episode 5: Codes

Still doing the best I can to keep track of everything. I guess this episode catches my attention more than previous ones because I identify most with Sarai in this series. Anyway, I'm still unsure on judgment for the reasons I've stated before...hard to judge until it comes together. That being said, have the camera angles always been so weird? Nearly twisted my neck this week.

Wait...really? Is Miyuu just going around and telling everyone or does he have some relationship with the reporter girl?

You're telling me Sarai figured this out, but the police couldn't? I guess there's the typical crime show excuse of "police weren't looking for that".

Fun fact: This is a common idea from neuro-linguistic programming, but recent studies have indicated that it might just be a myth.

The weird camera angles in this episode are symbolic of...something. I'm not gonna be the one that figures it out.

Why do I get the feeling he's about to get an epiphany about where the lock for the key is?

Yup, the answer's on the ceiling. Zonko's here to bail us out.

That's the guy from last week that kidnapped Miyuu's friend, right?

Did we skip a few steps?

Casually busted.

Gasp! What could it mean?

Also, adding Baudot Code to the list of encryption systems I need to learn.

Of all the people who could be suggesting a coincidence here, I was not honestly not expecting it to be Miyuu.

Ahh crap. I'm Sarai, aren't I?

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