Drifters Episode 5: Even more brutal

Well, this episode was pretty messed up. It makes sense given the era these Drifters came from, but still...pretty messed up. And once again, the opening is skipped...seriously, guys? Could have spent less time explaining that elves are good at archery and more time showing us that opening. But anyway, this episode is more active than the last one, so it was more interesting to watch.

Elves like bows...who would have guessed?

Interesting. The "soul is equivalent to brain" idea seems like a pretty modern one, so it's surprising to hear this from Toyohisa.

Poor Yoichi...generally taking a back seat to Toyohisa and Nobunaga, and now the elves are showing up with archery prowess.

These guys follow Toyohisa into what has to be a trap...how have they managed up to this point?

I would have preferred seeing more of the battle over this monologue from Nobunaga...not sure what I'm supposed to be getting from it.

Is tetanus really the concern here? Also, what's this episode's fascination with shit?

I like how Nobunaga goes on a rant about how they only need to kill like 30 or 40 soldiers to make the rest run away and they end up just killing the commander to do that.

What? This is so random.

That guy Yoichi's thinking about is going to be an End, isn't he?

Can't be too hard to figure out, right?

I don't know what I expected.

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