Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 17: And now we're at war

Hey, I think we finally got some familiar authors this week. I know I've voiced my concerns about returning to the main cast, but this introduction back to the main story seemed...fine. Adding the Guild as a third party into the Agency vs. Port Mafia conflict could make things interesting if the alliances aren't clear. Comedy also wasn't too noticeable this week. I'm not ready to write it off yet.

I'm not a huge fan of giving Kyouka an enemy with the same power, but we established in the mafia arc that people can have the same power, so I can't really complain. It could give Kyouka interesting characterization if she can rise above the darkness in spite of her analogue.

And we're back...with Kyouka the courier service?

Hahaha okay, this plan was funny.

Did this happen in the first season? I think this is a valid usage of the typewriter messages.

Well, that escalated quickly. Why did you leave voicemail on, Kyouka? Or, you know, get a new phone...

How...dare they?

I'm so shocked that Kyouka killed her parents...shocked, I say.

Oh boy...how do I keep track of all of these new characters?

Something I never noticed before. Atsushi's shirt rips when he activates his weretiger arms, but it repairs itself when he changes back.

Anyway, saving Kyouka...again.

I know they were talking about assassination, but there's no way it's this easy, right?

A bit random, but sure.

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