Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 30: Everything falling apart?

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of this episode. We're setting up all sorts of potential espionage surrounding Tekkadan and the fanning flames of war, which might end up working out, but this episode ended up being pretty uninteresting to watch. I think it mostly depends on where we end up after all of this buildup.

Honestly, I want Takaki and Aston to have their moment. I want the Earth side of Tekkadan to not be completely useless without the main hitters like Mika, Akihiro, and Orga.

P.S. - Where are the Gundam fights?


Also, is this Chad guy going to die or something?

Not much is happening here. I can't tell whether they're just trying to give Aston some screen time or somehow suggesting that he's the focus.

Seriously what is going on?

Wait...Carta was obsessed with McGillis in the first season, right? Is this girl just the Carta replacement?

How many times has a version of "pride" or "proud" been used this episode? Can't tell if translation laziness or repetitive point.

Ahh, the old "bomb in the flower pot" trick. Good times. My kneejerk reaction to this is that the people who were hired for security inside the building had a double agent or were themselves secretly responsible for this. They insisted pretty heavily that Tekkadan stay outside. Then again, they could just be incompetent.

This guy's appearance is very generic. Was he the guy talking to Chad at the beginning of the episode? I want my prediction to be right, man...

Bros for life!

Okay, that's definitely the same guy. So shifty...

I'm not a fan of this narration from "future Takaki" here. He basically says "back then, I didn't realize we were screwed", but we as the audience should already realize this. Why spell it out?

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