Trickster Episode 5: Too many references

All in all, this most recent arc with Twenty Faces hasn't been too bad in comparison to the introductory episodes. I'm going to assume the ship has sailed on actual detective stuff and the big mystery of the episode is just who exactly Twenty Faces is. Now I just need to figure out why I make so many references to other media in this series.

Also, I think Kobayashi has a lot of potential as a character if his purpose is just to randomly insult everyone.

Another random note: I think the most annoying parts of this episode were the random flashes of light. Seemed really unnecessary.

I don't know why Katsuda looks so upset. That ball he missed was out-of-bounds for singles tennis.

Is she supposed to be an important character?

Wait...he's going to trap the police underground? That's the exact same bad guy plan from Dark Kni- *gets brutally murdered*

Putting this here for no reason in particular.

What? You expect me to believe that Katsuda dodges five shots, but Inoue somehow manages to lose his leg? No wonder Inoue's pissed all the time.

Oh, that explains the wheelchair. They probably replaced the foot quickly, but Inoue just doesn't want to walk.

That's convenient.

There's a Prometheus reference I want to make here about the sewer mapping drones, but...I won't?

Wow...Kobayashi finds his true calling as a roadblock.

So...we won?

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