Drifters Episode 4: I'm mad at this episode for all the wrong reasons

I feel like I enjoy this series too much for someone who's not a history nerd. I'm glad we got some explanations this week, but meh...mostly cool down in this episode. There were quite a few moments that felt like a waste of time to me, which is especially annoying because they cut the opening theme this week. That's just not okay, guys.

I still wish there was more to the difference between Drifters and Ends, but I don't particularly mind this idea that the Ends have been somehow corrupted by their experiences in their home worlds to the point where they desire to destroy humanity.

Yeah, this definitely sounds like something a lord would say. These people won't just relinquish their command, so we must take it by force!

I agree. The person who sits down in the middle is always the leader. Everyone knows that.

If this guy actually is Jesus, then I'm cool with his character. The concept of a god who is trying to wipe out the humans who have rejected him makes for a decent antagonist. And the fact that he clings to the demihumans because they will worship him...seems like a pretty godlike thing to do.

A hole in the hand...looking good so far.

So how exactly is a pilot useful in a fantasy world with a downed plane? He still seems like a promising character, but I'm questioning his usefulness now.

Haha this scene is pretty awesome.

Yeah! Let's go to battle! Any minute now...

This entire scene about the ages of elves seemed pretty unnecessary...

So now that the magical translation charms have been introduced, we're just going full Japanese for the rest of the show? Not that I'm complaining, but it feels like the language barrier was a cheap mechanic designed for the first few episodes.

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