Cheating Craft Episode 4: Something witty about pens

Can we get past the romance parts, please? They're really not that interesting. There are a lot of parts in this show that are ridiculous enough to be funny, but the romance is just not one of them.

I was expecting them to do a bit more in this episode than introduce another harem candidate.

Sorry, I wasn't paying attention and totally thought this line was "since ancient times, idiots have smoked in high places". What a way to start.

And because I'm a nerd:

  1. 3x+4
  2. (5-2x)/(x-1)
  3. -6x-28
  4. (6-x)/3
  5. (x-1)/6
  6. (6x+1)/(3x-2)
  7. 18
  8. -3
  9. (x-25)/4
  10. 2/3

Thanks? Random narrator guy?

You're kidding me...this romance is so overblown...

Haha what?

Every romance in this series is more random than the last...

I feel like Kou is the only character in this series that's legitimately hilarious.

Let me guess...he buys an ordinary pen that matches Haku's pen.

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