Trickster Episode 4: When's he going to replace that foot?

This show continues to be...well, I'm still not sure. That being said, this episode seems to do a bit more than the random non-mysteries of the previous episodes. I'm going to give an early apology for all the references I'm about to make.

So next week, I'm guessing the tennis guy rejoins the group?

Stay in science, kids.

I guess this is supposed to be funny. Sigh...

Hey! That's my job, random side character! Uhh...casual threatening of a child.

I remember this trick from Sherlock...a reference I hope people get. Kinda falls apart when Twenty Faces immediately shows himself, but having the hostage read the message to the detective seems familiar enough.

I remember this trick from Code Gea- I'm going to stop. Don't get mad at me!

I'm really starting to hate this guy. I feel like he exists just to tell Kobayashi that he (Kobayashi) is a bad person.

That guy who gave the flowers was the tennis player from the beginning of the episode, right? The logical assumption is that he and Inoue are friends and the tennis guy blames himself for whatever happened to Inoue's leg. So this episode is backstory for him?

Hey, this umbrella's like the one from- *brutally murdered*

So, uh...I guess this wheelchair guy has a purpose after all. He's got some fun toys. Probably made by the scientist guy from earlier?

Uhh...guys? I know you're distracted, but come on...

This quip...was actually fine. I'm glad Kobayashi's less whiny about his immortality and willing to make a more casual reference to it.

Conveniently useless power.

What? Huh? I don't...

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