Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 4: Banzai

So, I like where the story's going, but this episode was honestly not that fun to watch. There was too much dead time in the episode. I guess I was spoiled by last week's episode. There are some interesting possibilities, though.

I think that the idea of Izetta making the decision to reject her grandmother's portrayal of the White Witch to help others could go to some interesting places. I'm guessing that's going to backfire on her pretty quick as she finds out why the White Witch is hated by the other witches. There has to be more to it.

Definitely not any German leader we know...

It's not what it looks like!

Does Fine know something about a price for Izetta's powers? It would certainly make sense... so random. the crystal thing she uses is just a ley line detector? That's...kinda cool. But ley lines feel like they're just going to be annoying plot conveniences.

Is it really that hard for Izetta to scout ley lines? I guess she couldn't really do it in enemy territory...

Still, I think this could be used in an interesting way. If the Germanians figure out that Izetta is only used in certain areas, they might be able to deduce that there are vulnerable routes that they can use to invade. They just have to roll up with an army and retreat if they see Izetta.

I noticed "United States of Atlanta" earlier in this episode, but it didn't really register. As someone who knows Atlanta very well...I'm not so sure about that decision.

Stuff is happening here.

They're bros now!

Oh hey, there's a map...that makes things easier. I take back what I said about scouting earlier. It looks pretty dense with ley lines, but the scale means that the dead areas are probably city-sized.

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