Drifters Episode 3: Planes beat dragons this time

In this episode: more new characters! Specifically, we got some...well, we got some people with guns. Also, if you like big war scenes, then this episode's for you. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for something to make sense...

I like that there's a battle going on for history (of sorts) but I really wish there was a clearer distinction between Drifters and Ends. Currently, it sounds like one dude decides "you guys are Drifters" and the other decides "meh, you're Ends". Fight! The magician from the Octobrists got introduced this week, so maybe we'll get some explanations next week.

Oh, I guess Hannibal and Scipio (I don't know history...I just searched who salted the ground at Carthage) weren't just a sideshow last episode. Also, I agree. Even if they are legendary generals, can they really get up to speed in two days? Especially if they're speaking different languages?

The tense for this sentence is inconsistent. The second part should be present tense ("I can tell we were just insulted" would be my version). The way it is now, it sounds like Scipio's monologuing about himself.

Guys...seriously...you can do better than this.

Also, random Hannibal introduction!

These guys don't look too different from the Drifters. Are the Drifters and Ends just two arbitrary sides opposing each other?

And dragons...because why not? I can't tell if this is a history show or "trapped in a fantasy world".

I already feel like I'm going to like this guy...

Do the Ends all get supernatural powers to augment themselves? The Drifters seem like they just come to this world with the abilities they already had. Or are we saying Joan of Arc was randomly a pyromancer?

Hannibal has his priorities straight.

I tried to look up the Inexorable Tribulation to figure out who this guy is, but I came up with nothing. I found a "Great Tribulation", which is supposed to be related the end of the world mentioned by Jesus Christ. But that couldn't be...right?

I missed these guys.

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