Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 16: Vacation's over

Early episode and I really wanted to finish the arc, so I'm going to mess with my schedule. This arc has been so much fun to watch. I'm torn on this final episode. Action-wise, it's probably the best one we got in the Port Mafia arc. I'm still not sure if all of the exposition in the episode was completely necessary, but I can sorta see why a lot of it had to happen.

But now we're back to the main cast. I like the better understanding we have of Dazai now, but I dunno how they're going to top this arc. At least we have some extra time off because of the early episode this week, right?

Now that I think about it, they barely introduced Rintarou in the first season, so this arc is acting as a decent view into his character.

Hmm...is Dazai suggesting that the entire plot could have been set up by the Port Mafia or the agency with the Port Mafia's blessing in an attempt to get Odasaku to kill Mimic for them? There has to be a reason this case makes Dazai leave the Port Mafia.

Laying it a little thick with the symbolism, don't you think?

They're even getting Rampo to try and stop this guy.

The song playing in this scene is excellent. Makes it so much more epic.

This fight...so good. I mean, completely implausible that either of them could dodge bullets at this range without their predictive abilities, but still awesome to watch a close-range gunfight.

Seriously, guys...what is with the Stormtrooper aim?

Darn it, Rintarou. I guessed most of your plan when Dazai noticed the envelope. I was going to praise the show for not explaining everything again, but you had to force Dazai to explain himself.

I can't be too upset, though. The details about the envelope were not something I could have just deduced, so explaining them makes sense.

To be honest, I had the slightest thoughts that it might be revealed that Gide was the guy who gave Odasaku the books, but that was too unlikely.

I like this ending for Dazai and Odasaku. It could have very easily ended with something cheesy like "you were meant to save people". Instead, Odasaku makes it Dazai's choice in the end, stating that neither saving nor killing will give him peace and just giving a suggestion to Dazai that he might as well do some good if it doesn't matter.

And now back to where we left off?

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