Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 15: No one is safe

Holy crap, that escalated like crazy at the end. Way more brutal than anything I was expecting. And it can only mean one thing...the mafia arc continues! I'm pretty happy that we keep getting more this.

By the way, I feel like a lot of my reactions in this episode are going to be very surprising for a series that spent the first season reminding us how much it sucks to be kicked out of an orphanage and what the current death count is. What a world...

Choosing a somewhat neutral first image so the post image isn't a spoiler.

First off, I'm glad the death scene for a character like Odasaku wasn't as anticlimactic as it was suggested last week. It's part of the reason I wasn't fully convinced. Secondly, Odasaku has no eyes in every long-range scene in this conversation...that bugs me.

The lack of cover in this firefight is insulting...seriously, guys? Just aim.

Dazai just made a big deal about the fact that the Port Mafia currently knows nothing about the leader of Mimic, especially his abilities. There's no way they'd reveal him so easily, right?

So wait...Gide's power is seeing into the future like Odasaku's? I guess it makes sense given how he fought against Akutagawa. But his organization's name is Mimic...you'd expect his power to be that he can copy the powers of others. If his power really is the same as Odasaku's, then the "Mimic" name is just conveniently put there by the author...

Eh...I kinda wish they went more into this line. I'm not sure I follow Odasaku's reasoning and it would be interesting to hear more about his philosophy. Why can't a guy who takes lives write about lives? Because he has trampled on living, so he's not qualified to write about it? Because you can't create life through writing if you're always extinguishing it?


It's an interesting scenario...when two people predicting the future interact, either one of them takes precedence or they both see incorrect futures. It's kind of a perfect power to use for this.

Was it ever explicitly stated that Ango wasn't trying to kill Odasaku? I know I inferred it by...you know, seeing Odasaku alive, but that's the sort of thing that an anime usually makes an effort to tell you. Kudos to the show if it didn't.

Not the children!

Again, this scene is interesting. Rather than explaining everything out, I can feel the implication of this line from Odasaku basically saying "I'm going to have to kill this man to avenge the kids, so the story can no longer be written".

  • Karandi

    Oct. 21, 2016, 8:51 p.m.

    This was a great episode and I do love that they didn't explain each step of the journey (though it does make you wonder what some of the missing information is as you try to fill the gaps from what has been implied). Thanks for sharing.



    Oct. 21, 2016, 9:57 p.m.

    i definitely have been wondering if there's stuff i should have been paying more attention to...


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