Occultic;Nine Episode 2: Uhh...sure, I got that

Well, this episode was easier to follow than the first one...much fewer things going on in the episode that I needed to track. Still...not everything was clear, so I'm still curious where things go.

I'm having way too much trouble suspending disbelief with this show. Fortune telling to me falls too far outside of the realm of reality for me to accept it as science fiction as easily as I could with time travel or giant robots.

How does the vision even work? She can have a vision about a person just from their voice on the phone? I have no sympathy for a fortune teller who is proven wrong.

I like the way this scene plays out. It's left purposely ambiguous whether Yuuta was found at the scene of the crime, but with the details we're given from the detective, it's highly suggested that Yuuta fled. From there, we go to the actual scene and see stuff from Yuuta's perspective.

What does this sentence mean? My interpretation was "it's your own fault that you're not running right now, so shut up", but it's really not clear.

I'm guessing the woman who wrote this doujin is not our killer, so I'm guessing this series is going to say she foresaw it as a fortune teller? Seems to be the general vibe of the show.

He's got a fair point, but does he just go around telling all popular fortune tellers this stuff on their shows? That's a little sad, mate.

Ugh...I don't understand why Miyu insists on speaking so vaguely. Why can't she just come out and say she saw the death of SARAI's father? Is this supposed to be related to the first scene? Is her confidence shot because of the failure with the other guy?

Come again?

So...is the girl with the creepy attachment to her brother supposed to be the girl who curses people? Seems to be implied...

Oh no! She got trapped in a Yu-Gi-Oh card!

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