Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 14: Well, they did warn us

I'm sensing a trend with this series. The less we focus on Atsushi...

Now I'm just curious how long this lasts. I mean, Mimic no longer exists, right? So there's theoretically at least another episode showing Dazai's reaction to all of this. This almost makes me wonder if Oda isn't quite dead yet. I mean...this entire episode felt like a lot of effort to end off on "death by poison ball".

Tickle attack?

Nailed it.

Maybe I'm in a weird mood this week, but I can't help feeling this Oda guy is going to die so Dazai can leave the Port Mafia. This scenario reminds me of many other series which have the main character leaving a shady organization because of the influence of a friend who gets killed by that organization.

It's a bit of a weird conclusion to draw, though, since the narration at the beginning of this arc was done from Oda's perspective, suggesting that he was telling the story.

I like this word choice from Dazai, basically stating that the only logical conclusion is that Ango has betrayed them, but suggesting that he doesn't want to believe that.

Yeesh...both of these guys seem unfit for the mafia.

Evil Dazai is okay in my book.

I'm a sucker for the double agent hook.

I'm surprised the time bombs go off this early...why would you set time bombs to blow up before Dazai is supposed to show up?

Oh I see...because Oda was the target all along. Also, who grabs a random ball that comes out of the woods to your feet? I mean, my first reaction was "GRENADE!", so I'd probably dive away from it.

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