Cheating Craft Episode 2: Cheating is not okay, kids

Aaaaand this episode marks the end of what I know from the manhua. Honestly, this episode really isn't much. It's a really over-the-top shounen battle in an exam setting. The majority of the techniques we saw weren't even useful for cheating...

This was a problem I had in the manhua and I couldn't keep reading to find out if it changes. I'm going to keep on with this series because I've been so curious where it goes for so long, but man is this sketchy. And as I said last week, the L-types in this episode were kinda just...there.

Uhh...I'm pretty sure this girl is the L-type. I don't think she's the one you should be putting on screen when you have the "cheating is wrong" disclaimer. I'm sure this will be at the start of every episode, but the question still stands.

This dude falls into a pit trap and it's treated like background noise in the scene...I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Laser grid in a random testing site? Nothing to see here.

These guys are still in a classroom...

I hate it when an anime does this...

So this is what it's like to be a teacher.

This takes way too long...

This technique might work if they were using pen, which would bleed through the page, but I'm pretty sure pencil markings largely sit on top of the paper.

Aww...come on, man.

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