Occultic;Nine First Impressions (1): Well, that was wild

Sigh...the scientist in me is telling me I have to keep watching this series to see where it goes...it's a pretty intriguing first episode. I wasn't completely following it in the second half of the episode, but it brought me back in with the ending. I know I got burned by Robotics;Notes, but I'm going to try again. Hopefully this post isn't too heavy on the nerd stuff.

Broken English aside, I guess I agree with this caption. I think it's best to believe that anything can be explained and nothing can fall outside of the realm of nature. Otherwise, how do we progress our understanding of the world? I have no idea what "Only the ones who have accepted everything can get the right to know the truth" is supposed to mean, though. Science is about questioning, not accepting.

The number of ads on this webpage makes me want to break his computer.

Hey! That's my pickup line!

We know right from the start what her purpose is...

Oh...I didn't realize "psychical" was a word...or that the SPR actually exists. More importantly, why does this society exist?

Of course not...souls are, by definition, immaterial. How do you even go about proving something exists if you can't perceive it? This is something I've posted about before (shameless plug).

Why was she allowed on this panel?

How big is this cast? Will I be able to remember them all?

Nothing sketchy going on here.

What's going on here?

This is a common mistake that I feel like I see way too much. You want "pique" here, not "peak".

Uhh...what? That escalated quickly.

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