Drifters First Impressions (1): I should have paid more attention in world history

So, I went into this series knowing nothing. It's an interesting concept and the episode definitely got my attention, but I started losing grasp in the second half of the episode. I'm not a history guy, so I feel like I'm just not equipped to comment on this show. Still, I'm curious enough to want to keep watching.

I feel like the main thing missing in this episode was "the point". There was an offhand comment about stopping the end of the world, but that doesn't really mean anything in anime. I want to know what the Drifters are actually supposed to be doing...what's the point? Hopefully, that's something that we find out soon.

Well, this animation style is...different, but starting the series off with a samurai battle certainly gets my attention.

This battle really hypes me up.

How the heck does Toyohisa get enough time to shoot this gun when he's surrounded by enemies?

Uhh...Mr. Anderson?

So...I guess he's in a fantasy world with elves now?

Basically plot armor, right?

Let me get this straight. Toyohisa concludes that the person before him couldn't possibly be Oda Nobunaga, who is long dead, and must therefore be a devil in hell impersonating Nobunaga? Why is it not possible that he's meeting Nobunaga in hell?

Wow...poor animals in this season...

I don't know anything about Japanese history, but I guess this is supposed to be funny to anyone who does.

I guess this guy's evil?

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