Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 13: Well, that was surprising

Maybe it's because I just finished 91 Days from the summer season, but the mafia focus of the first episode in this second season was surprisingly nice. The series is so much more interesting when it's not wasting time reminding us that the orphanage through Atsushi out or telling us how many people Kyouka killed.

I don't expect this arc to last too long, but it makes a decent case for the show. The opening song was pretty good too. Do I really have to keep watching?

Anyway, not too many extra comments this time...there was too many still moments for that. Also, introductions for characters I feel like I shouldn't invest too much effort into remembering.

Huh...starting off with some of Dazai's backstory. Sure.

You thought you knew this series, but these three were the main characters all along!

Haha...okay, this scene was pretty funny. Though, Oda takes it surprisingly well. Does this happen often?

The appearance of the blood aside, this is actually a really cool way to introduce this guy's power...

Yeah...to be fair, it's a little bit too convenient that the stool was right below the ventilation shaft that had the box.

Don't get me wrong...I love deductive stuff like this. But this makes me continue to question the existence of Ranpo in the detective agency.

Uhh...you were right in front of him, Dazai. Are you sure he couldn't hit you even with his non-dominant hand and balance issues?

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