Cheating Craft First Impressions (1): Totally fiction

I'm a little sad that this series ended up being half-length. This first episode was nothing but introduction and it would have been nice if the second half of the episode was used to do anything other than exposition. Still, I've been curious about this series since I originally found the manhua, so I really want to know where the story actually goes. And if you haven't seen the you want to watch a series about people cheating on tests in really wacky ways? Boy, do I have the show for you...

I think the part where this series could go really wrong is the role of the L-Types. The introduction in this episode makes it sound like they're at the mercy of the C-Types, relying on other C-Types to protect them. I'd personally like for them to take a more active role than that...otherwise, this series ends up focusing too much on the cheaters and probably gets boring.

I'm also curious how a show like this one is received in the west. Every class I had in college started with the professor giving the same "zero tolerance" speech on cheating, so it gets beaten into your head that cheating is not okay.

On the other hand, my family lives in China, so I know how much cheating happens in that country (just to give you some perspective, the US has completely invalidated the SAT scores for particular testing centers in China because of suspected cheating by the majority of the test-takers). Since I have this unique perspective, I feel like I practically have to cover this series, right?

Yeah, a series with this kind of "tests are really important" setup can only come from China...


Stop! Stop! I'm having horrible flashbacks to my high school days and experience Asian parents.

Also, I can't tell whether this joke is done by the translator or the original script, but I give it points if it was done by the original script (seems like a fairly Western joke).

Oi! This is fiction, right? What's up with all of these realistic facts about the state of Chinese education?

This guy has a pencil gun...that's kinda awesome.

Holy crap, those kids are dying for this test? That's...totally not based in reality at all...uhh...yeah, completely fiction...

I mean...he knocked out the proctor at the beginning of this scene, so how exactly does he turn the test in at this point?

Yeah, forget all the characters you've seen up to now. These are the real main characters!

Wait...did they casually just do the cliche Japanese toast-in-mouth love encounter in the background? I can't decide whether or not I'm okay with that...

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