Bloodivores First Impressions (1): Naming Sense

I've been reading the manhua for this series, so this post is going to be quick (there's no way I'm going to continue posting about this show). From this episode, we're introduced to a society where a portion of the population has become vampires because of some medication (and are called bloodivores for some reason...I'm gonna stick with vampire).

They fought a war against the humans and lost, so now they're heavily regulated to make sure they don't cause trouble for humanity. Honestly, it's not a strong episode...and I wasn't the biggest fan of the manhua. Just so you know, so far the manhua has been a survival game (this is shown in the preview too), so if you're expecting more Payday heists, then you'll probably be disappointed.

Is a news channel really the best way to be giving exposition for this series? This guy is basically giving a history lesson...on the news. That makes no sense at all. And to make matters worse, this exact segment shows up again at the end of the episode. Why would a news station give the same "old news" twice?

Also, minor note on the direction of the story. Mi Liu is introduced as a potential bridge between humans and vampires, but nothing I've read so far in the manhua focuses on anyone other than the vampires, so I really don't see the point.

Music-wise, the episode was fine. I thought the soundtrack was fine and the song playing at the end was decent. I'm upset with the opening song, though...the music sounded good, but I didn't like the vocals at all.

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