Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans S2 Episode 1: Back for more

Woohoo! It's finally back! This first episode of the new season starts off like most Gundam series...lots of meetings and talking before the big battle starts at the end. I'm not sure if I was especially jittery while watching it, but I found myself noticeably wanting the episode to "just get on with it!"

I really enjoyed the song playing at the end (which was probably the opening song). Still haven't decided whether I'm going to keep posting on this series...I want the blog to be covering more of the new stuff in the season, so I'm going to try to limit my "season 2" count.

Well, it's been a season, so I guess the brief recap is fair. It didn't waste too much time.

Yeah, good job, Tekkadan! You made child soldiers viable, so now all the kids are joining the war! Wait...

Another season and she's still beating up on newbies...

Ahh...ignorance. So...why do I get the feeling that like 70% of these kids will be dying pretty soon to show the rest of them "the horrors of war"?

I...feel like I don't care about what's happening in this scene.

Well, I'm curious what McGillis's role will be this time, but this meeting isn't too interesting so far. I guess it's just setting up the new character across from McGillis?

First thing: monarch butterflies are dying off, you monster. Secondly, I think it's correct that monarch butterfly wings would taste bad, so her reaction is correct...but they're also toxic. I've never personally tested it, but is a bad taste really all you'd experience if you ate one?

This is what we were waiting for.

I have to keep reminding myself that these are kids because my immediate reaction is "what kind of idiot thinks like this?"...

Lupus? Like the disease?

Nice entrance.

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